Washroom Company – What do we do?

Washroom company

We often get asked “what exactly is a commercial washroom company?” or “what does a commercial washroom company do?”

Well, allow us to explain!

What services do a washroom company offer?

We offer a range of services (which we will get to shortly) with the collective aim of delivering complete washroom solutions. Our aim is to do this to the customers specification, their budget and most importantly, to deliver on time!

We operate in multiple sectors nationwide (based in the East Midlands). Now we will break down what sectors we operate in and how we can use our knowledge of each washroom environment and end user to propose the perfect match. Considering factors such as age range, footfall, humidity and expose to moisture/water we consult with our clients to find out exactly what THEY need. Then we will propose the most suitable solution for THEM.


A good example of a commercial washroom project would be an office washroom refurbishment. Depending on budget, we can offer our standard, robust and economically friendly REALITY cubicle system. Alternatively, if our client wanted more of a “wow factor” in a more prestigious environment, we can offer our TIME cubicle range. Both ranges are available in multiple materials and finishes that allows us to accommodate for all budgets and environments no matter how demanding they may be.


In the healthcare sector, it goes without saying, hygiene and cleanliness is king. We must be able to deliver washrooms and products such as our Clinical Basin Units and Sani Units that assist with maintaining hygiene and cleanliness levels. This means not just being easy to clean and maintain but also have anti-bacterial properties and deter build ups of dust/bacteria. For any further information on how to prevent and control the spread of harmful bacteria and virus’ (especially in our current climate dealing with COVID-19). There are many helpful link on high authority websites, please find a couple of example below:

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-infection-prevention-and-control – GOV.uk

https://www.who.int/gpsc/clean_hands_protection/en/ – World Health Organisation


In the Leisure sector, we often find within washrooms and changing rooms they have shower facilities. When providing shower cubicles, we must consider the challenges our cubicles (and all panel products) will face. Our shower cubicles must be able to withstand water, humidity and intense condensation. Therefore, we only provide cubicles that are manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate (also known as Compact Grade Laminate). This material is extremely robust, durable and water resistant, making it ideal for leisure environments. We can also provide bench seating and lockers in matching laminates to the cubicles so that your washrooms and changing rooms look fluid and consistent throughout your facilities.


The Education sector is the sector we operate the most frequently in. We can service all age groups from nursery and primary school children all the way through to secondary school, colleges and universities. However, each age group not only requires a different cubicle system but also different materials quantities. This article shows in more detail how to identify what standard is required and the variants of this between age groups. Alternatively, you can see a table below showing the variables between age ranges:

Washroom Company

Which cubicles are most suitable for each age group?

Our cubicle ranges are also suited to different age groups, which we have presented below:

For Nursery / Pre-School washrooms, we would suggest our MIND cubicle range. This is a half-height cubicle system that is friendly and welcoming for small children. Some of whom may find using the toilet an intimidating experience. This also assists staff with increased supervision due to the height of the doors and partitions.

For Primary School restrooms we would suggest using our SOUL cubicle range. Similar to our mind range but with full height pilasters to give the pupils additional privacy. Whilst still allowing teachers appropriate supervision. Both our Mind and Soul cubicle ranges have a variety of door graphics available upon request.

For Secondary School and College washrooms, we recommend a more robust and durable system. Statistically, vandalism is more likely to take place in a washroom due to the lack of teacher presence. So we suggest utilising our REALITY cubicle system, which when manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate is extremely durable, robust and importantly, very flexible, it can be installed into any environment.

Washroom company – step by step explanation

We offer many services within these sectors. From initial consultation and survey, through to design and manufacture all the way through to installation and aftercare. For a more detailed explanation of each of our services and what our aim is with each, click here!

Washroom company – Contact Us

If you have any washroom requirements and would like some free advice, survey and quotation, feel free to get in touch!

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