At Ask Washrooms, our philosophy is simple. Design, manufacture and install high quality products, to schedule, to budget, across a range of market sectors.


Commercial washrooms


Office washrooms that can range from budget conscious projects all the way through to bespoke luxury designs. We can work to suit any client in any environment.

Healthcare washrooms


Our pre-plumbed Clinical IPS units not only conceal “unsightly” pipework to provide a smart finish, they also assist with maintenance as they are easily accessible and even easier to clean. As hygiene is vital to all Healthcare institutions, our Clinical IPS units are ideal for assisting staff maintain the highest of standards with regards to cleanliness. These units are also very quick and easy to install, helping us work with hospitals, practices and contractors ensuring that there is as little “down time” as possible.

Leisure washrooms


We have a wide range of products applicable to the Leisure industry, making us a full turn key solution for leisure centres, schools and hotels looking to refurbish their Washroom and Changing Area facilities. Purpose made Cubicles, IPS, Vanity Units, Lockers, Bench Seating and much more ensure that our products can thrive in any leisure environment. Within this sector, we predominantly use cubicles that can withstand water, humidity and intense condensation.

educational places washrooms


Within the education sector, our main consideration is the end user. Whether we are refurbishing for nursery children, primary school students all the way through to college students and staff. Meeting the requirements of the end use is vital, they dictate the material, cubicle range and overall specification. From our childrens door graphics (making our washrooms as welcoming as possible for young children who may be intimidated by using washrooms) all the way through to our vandal proof range for our older (and slightly more mischievous) clientele.