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Ask Washrooms will bring a new level of cleanliness and design to all types of Educational Washrooms. Whether built for nursery, primary or high school children—where accessibility differs from other designs—to colleges and staff washrooms, we know how to create a welcoming environment no matter the age. From graphic designs to welcome younger children to precautions to discourage property damage from older children—we have thought of it all.

Whether your school is more focused on accessibility for growing children or the ease of which it can be cleaned, Ask Washrooms will be with you every step of the way in selecting the best features to fit your needs. We offer both new installations and partial refurbishments to fit any budget. Whether you need “supply and install” or “supply only”, we will work to ensure you are satisfied with our service.

Health and Safety for Children and Adults

Although hygiene may be taught in school, we know that not all students practice the best habits. That is why our innovative designs make clean up efficient. Sanitary precautions such as touchless faucets help decrease the spread of bacteria between students.

Ask Washrooms also addresses safety with designs that stabilise movement in the attempt to eliminate slips. Falls incurred from a wet washroom floor will be a thing of the past after our installations.

Not only do we strive to increase hygiene and encourage safety, we also want to eradicate the mischievous acts of students through our use of vandal proof ranges. Make property damage a thing of the past by removing a space highly coveted by young graffiti artists at your school with the installation of our products.

School Washroom Cubicles
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Let’s Work on Design Together

Our experts will be with you on every step of the design process. We listen to the needs of our customers, carefully building the ideal space from equipment needs, to fixtures, to colour preference. No detail is omitted as we customize your order.

All of our customers will benefit from our years of experience where we have created an efficient path for your project. Our step by step process includes an on site visit and analysis, design consultation, installation, and completion process.

We Guarantee You the Best Value for Money

We realize that the budget for a school differs from most commercial and leisure projects, and will work with you to meet your needs without sacrificing on design. Your school is unique and we will ensure that your newly equipped facility stands out despite budget constraints.

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Once installation is complete, we will stand by our product with excellent customer service. We know that even the best laid plans can be challenged by children. If a problem arises, you can count on us to address any concerns you may have. Our fifteen years of experience and team of dedicated professionals set us apart from the competition.

Ask Washrooms aims to be a one -stop-shop for all of your washroom needs. Call our offices to schedule a free quote today to improve your facilities today.