Unlike many cubicle manufacturers, ASK Washrooms does not stop at Design, Manufacture and Supply, we offer a one- stop-shop. There are many benefits to this, our installers are familiar with the products which ensures a high-quality finish but also a faster fit. Each individual project will have a designated project manager who will ensure installation is completed on time and to specification whilst making sure all health and safety guidelines are followed. We are also happy to liaise and co-operate with other trades that may be on site.

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Washroom Experts

The washrooms are an essential space within your business/commercial facility. Your clients and employees will, most of the time, use the restrooms. That’s why it’s always critical to ensure that they provide users with a dignified experience. It all begins with the professional you choose to handle your washroom remodelling project. You might invest in high-quality vanity units, laminated cubicles, or LED lighting, but if your chosen contractor installs it poorly, it ruins the desired outcome.

At ASK Washrooms, we are experts when it comes to washroom installations. We are a one-stop washroom shop because we do it all, from design, manufacturing, supplying, and installation. Unlike other contractors who partner with third-party experts for washroom installation, we task our in-house crew with the installation process. That guarantees high-quality outcomes; our builders are familiar with the products and the best installation techniques to use. Our team of washroom builders has a combined experience of over 15 years in the restroom installation and remodelling sectors.

Assigning Your Washroom Installation the Expertise it Deserves

Our primary focus is to provide restroom installations that result in high-quality, aesthetic, and refined washrooms. That compels us to task our skilled and industry seasoned builders to install the restroom professionally and on time. Every project is managed from our head offices. That’s not enough; we also assign a project manager and supervisor to ensure that you have on-site support. You might have queries or changes you’d like included as the installation continues. In that case, our project supervisor will gladly answer your questions and listen to the customization ideas you may have.

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High-Quality Restroom Installation

In a highly competitive sector, we work tirelessly to create innovative and business-driven ways of satisfying our clients. At ASK Washrooms, we ensure that every installation job is undertaken following the correct standards and procedures. Additionally, we work within the recommended health and safety standards to alleviate work-related injuries and desired outcomes.

Apart from our state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we work with trained and experienced professionals who’ve been installing washrooms in a wide range of facilities across various sectors. We also keep up with the emerging trends within our industry and occasionally organize vocational training for our builders to ensure they deliver reliable and satisfactory washroom installation solutions.

Dedicated to Offering Safe Washroom Accessory Installation

A washroom wouldn’t be complete without the necessary hardware to enhance the user experience. It requires a range of accessories, including sink faucets, flooring drains, towel shelves, toilet tissue holders, soap nets, and many more. At ASK Washrooms, we don’t compromise when it comes to safety. Below are the safety precautions we take when installing restroom equipment.

Faucet Installation

Before installing the faucet, our professionals will rid the water system of pollutants and clogs. They’ll also inspect the drains for any damages. After installing the faucet, we’ll remove the bubbler and shower to let the water jet out and clear the system. Afterwards, we’ll reinstall them as recommended.

Floor Drain Installation

Installing the floor drains requires the expertise of an experienced washroom builder because the distance of the drainage pipe from the ground affects the system’s functionality. Our washroom installers will always shorten the distance between the drainage pipe and the ground. That means the rear panel is installed lower than the ground level for efficient drainage.

Washroom Wall Hardware Installment

e will install washroom pendants, such as restroom hinges and towel shelves, after installing the large materials and elements. Depending on the wall surface, we’ll use glass or concrete drills to ensure we maintain the space’s structural integrity. That also includes paying attention to details when installing the door hinges. These accessories are used frequently and take the immense weight when in use. Therefore, we firmly install them to extend their functional lifespans.

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Talk to Ask Washrooms and get help and advice from professionals that have a working knowledge of the latest products on the market.