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Once our full site survey has been carried out, the design process has been completed, the quotation accepted and a firm order has been placed complete with colour confirmations, we will begin the manufacture process. The steps taken before this ensure that the details provided by yourselves, our site surveys and consultation meetings translate accurately to the installation on site. We can manufacture in a wide range of materials such as Melamine Faced Chipboard, High Pressure Laminate, Compact Grade Laminate, Glass, Solid Surface and Real Wood Veneers.

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A good washroom shouldn’t just be a place where you freshen up when the need arises. It should be an efficient space that offers you many benefits. In addition, it shouldn’t take you a lot of time or cost you exorbitantly to clean and maintain it. The main thing is that you should have a washroom that improves the personal hygiene of everyone who uses it, especially your customers. At ASK Washrooms, our focus is to deliver quality designs to meet your needs, no matter the sector that you need a washroom for. This is why we’ve summarised the top 5 benefits of having a washroom for your business. To find out more, you should keep on reading.

Low maintenance

You’d be surprised to find that nowadays the materials that are used to manufacture washrooms are low maintenance. Take for instance the solid grade laminate that you use for your cubicles. This material is highly impervious to water or other liquids. As a result, you won’t have to worry about any damp or swollen panels in your washrooms. This gives you an opportunity to consider other installations. For example, you can explore installing waterless urinals. Not only will this help you to save water, but it offers you other benefits such as using wall cladding you can sanitise effortlessly.

Saves energy & water

With continuous improvements in technology, washrooms are no longer the same. At ASK Washrooms, we’ve taken advantage of our innovative manufacturing style to ensure that we promote lower energy and water consumption. Our sensor activation in our taps and flushers ensures that water is only emitted for a specific period. This is a great way to reduce the water that is consumed by each user. Our design team produces quality sensors that can be used in any washroom. The following are the sectors that benefit from our innovative washroom solutions.

Longer lifespan

The durability and performance of our washrooms have improved immensely over the years. You no longer have to compromise on your aesthetic style if you want to increase the lifespan of your washroom. Our designs use durable and quality materials that can be used for everything. Using our new and improved materials ensures that your washroom should last longer than its predecessors.

Improved safety

Our design and installation team has worked tirelessly to produce advanced flooring technology. The main features of this type of flooring is that it has an anti-slip mechanism. This is an ideal benefit for you, especially if you’re in the educational sector. It makes it easier for anyone to walk barefoot without worrying about ridges that can trap dirt and bacteria. The improved safety features can be customised to your needs. For example, your water temperature can be controlled with an automated mechanism. This helps you to avoid any scolding problems. Moreover, in certain environments, you can specify the types of features that you want to help prevent your users from hurting themselves.

It improves staff & customer retention

You’d be surprised to find that there are features that can improve your washroom usability. When you use our unique designs, it helps you to create an environment that invites users because they’re a pleasure to use. The sensor activation is a bonus touch that minimises any risk of physical interaction by your users. It reduces the risk of exposure to bacteria. This means there are fewer germs that spread in your entity. As a result, I can improve your staff attendance and productivity by a margin.

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