Commercial Washrooms

Commercial Washroom Specialists

Quality commercial washroom installation helps to reflect the quality of your business work in all aspects. That is why we are determined to give your commercial washrooms a new outlook by using modern washroom products. We provide a full service for commercial washroom installation for various sectors including schools.

Since our main aim is to provide a turn-key washroom solution for all clients in different market sectors, we can assist you fully. We offer the following services to our clients;


Consultation is essential to us. It helps us extract valuable information about your business, enabling us to create a perfect washroom design to meet your staff and customers’ needs. Also, in this initial consultation process, we can analyse the client’s financial capability. Doing so helps us gauge your budget; thus, we will be able to deliver a budget-conscious washroom.


After learning more about your business in the consultation process, we can understand the need and the installation environment. So, during the design process, we provide you with a range of drawing boards to make any change if they need it done. Through this process, clients get reassured of the result before sign off. Therefore, your commercial washroom design will not only depend on our ideas, but you also get the chance to adjust the design back to meet your expectations.


Once we have completed the full site survey, design process and quotation being accepted, and a complete firm order placed with colour confirmation, we now start the manufacturing process. All the steps taken before this process guarantees that the provided details translate directly to the installation on site. During the manufacturing process, we have a wide range of materials for use. High-pressure laminate, melamine faced chipboard, compact grade laminate, solid surface, glass and reel wood veneers. Therefore, quality is of guarantee on our products.


Our team of trusted experts handle the installation process. Unlike other cubicle manufacturers, we don’t stop at design, manufacture and supply. We offer a one-stop-shop. Our installers understand more about our products; therefore, you can expect a high-quality installation and finish. Besides that, each of the individual projects has its own project manager. They ensure the installation process is done on time and to the required specification. Also, it is their responsibilities to ensure that the health and safety guidelines are thoroughly followed. If there are other available trades on-site, we are ready to co-operate and liaise with them altogether.


Whether we were the suppliers or doing the installation, it is a service that matters a lot. We provide you with a maintenance manual. It makes it easier for the staff on board to understand more about the cleaning and maintenance products. Besides, snagging is a common problem that could arise; therefore, we always try to be as responsive as possible. Apart from building relationships with clients, we love to continue the relationship. That is why we ensure that clients are fully satisfied once the project is complete.

Besides the services offered, we also offer a comprehensive range of products to your clients; that is why we are a one-stop-shop. The products include cubicle systems, vanity units, IPS duct panelling, wall linings, lockers and benching, and sanitary ware and accessories.

With over 15-years of experience specialising in commercial washrooms in East Midlands, UK, our services are of high quality to suit various sectors in the market, including healthcare and education sectors. For any of the services above, you can contact us or request a free quote from our professionals.