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Did you know that a clinical washroom facility can make or break a patient’s experience? It’s precisely why restroom design, location, and maintenance are fundamental in the healthcare industry. Of course, you don’t expect a patient walking into a restroom cluttered with rubbish bins, stained walls, and discarded paper towels to walk out happy and contented. As such, washroom design for healthcare facilities should address safety concerns, hygiene, organization, ease of accessibility, and infection prevention and control.

At Ask Washrooms, we understand that hygiene is crucial in medical facilities. That is why our pre-plumbed Clinical IPS solutions are specifically designed and developed to meet the industry’s highest standards of hygiene. We are available to provide full washroom “supply and install” or “supply only” services in East Midland and beyond. From partial healthcare refurbishments to completely new installations, we guarantee you the highest quality and value for money.

We Pay Attention to Safety and Efficiency

As a dedicated healthcare service provider, you undoubtedly prioritise the health and well-being of your patients above all else. However, it’s no secret that medical restrooms can potentially serve as breeding grounds for germs and infectious diseases. Fortunately, our Clinical IPS units have been meticulously designed with the highest standards of hygiene in mind, not only for the well-being of your patients but also for the safety of your staff and visitors.

We Are with You, Every Step of the Way

Years of experience and acquired expertise make it easy for us to guide you through the entire healthcare washroom installation process. From sight visits and analysis, choosing the ultimate design and the final installation and completion process, our team at Ask Washrooms has your back. You can trust us for invaluable advice on clinical washroom design and layout, finishing material, fixtures, and colour selections based on your needs and preferences.

We Guarantee You the Best Value for Money

Your project is unique. So are your needs, preferences, and, in most cases, the budget. As such, our designs at Ask Washrooms range from high-end to budget-conscious. We aim to serve you right and guarantee you a first-class experience regardless of your environment and financial capacity.

Talk to the Washroom Experts

Ask Washrooms boast an incredible team of professionals, coupled with over 15 years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of renowned healthcare service providers all over the United Kingdom, providing reliable and affordable healthcare washroom solutions. Besides hygiene, our pre-pumped Clinical IPS units are designed to provide an incredible, elegant finish and help conceal the unsightly pipework in the restroom.

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