Sports & Leisure Washrooms


Sports & Leisure Washrooms

The washrooms at a sports and leisure facility are very critical to your experience there. After hours of sweating and getting dirty, you need a space that will help you clean up and feel refreshed. Washroom design for sports and leisure facilities should address safety concerns, hygiene, organisation, ease of accessibility, and infection prevention and control. They should also offer privacy and security of storage space since you will be leaving your valuables in the facilities.

At Ask Washrooms, we understand that hygiene is crucial in sports and leisure facilities. That is why our sports and leisure washrooms are specifically designed and developed to meet the industry’s highest standards of hygiene. We are available to provide full washroom “supply and install” or “supply only” services in East Midland and beyond. From partial refurbishments to completely new installations, we guarantee you the highest quality and value for money.

Safety and Efficiency

If you own or manage a sports or leisure facility, you want what’s best for your customers. Unfortunately, sports and leisure restrooms can be an ideal place for germs and other infectious diseases to breed. Our sports and leisure bathroom units are designed to maintain the highest hygiene standards not only for the members but also for staff and visitors’ wellbeing. Besides, our designs also feature touch-free faucets, thereby eliminating the point of contact, which might facilitate the spread of germs and bacteria to the users of the washrooms.

Our innovations enable fast and easy yet thorough cleaning operations as well as patient’s privacy and convenient space for anyone using the bathrooms. At Ask Washrooms, we design our washrooms to stabilise movement, preventing slips and falls that might lead to serious injuries. Wet areas like a sports facility washroom can be very slippery and dangerous.

We Are with You, Every Step of the Way

Years of experience and acquired expertise make it easy for us to guide you through the entire sports and leisure washroom installation process. From sight visits and analysis, choosing the ultimate design and the final installation and completion process, our team at Ask Washrooms has your back.

You can trust us to provide priceless advice on sports and leisure facility washroom design and layout, finishing material, fixtures, and colour selections based on your needs and preferences.

We Guarantee You the Best Value for Money

Your project is probably unique if you want to construct washrooms for a sports and leisure facility. So are your needs, preferences, and, in most cases, the budget. It is especially so for the design of the washrooms which can set your facility apart from others. We will work together to ensure that we stick to the budget. If there is any shortfall in the financing, then we can help you address it as well.

As such, our designs at Ask Washrooms range across a wide spectrum from high-end to budget-conscious. We aim to serve you right and guarantee you a first-class experience regardless of your environment and financial capacity.

Talk to the Washroom Experts

Ask Washrooms boasts an incredible team of professionals, coupled with over 15 years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of renowned sports and leisure facilities all over the UK, providing reliable and affordable washroom solutions.

Besides hygiene, our sports washroom units are designed to provide an incredible, elegant finish and help conceal the often gruesome mess in the restroom.

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